Friday, July 16, 2010

the excitement mounts :)

well as your aware by now my step-children arrive this Sunday from the UK and the excitement i have is almost uncontrollable ! I have so much to do before they get here and i wont be doing much today having just finished night shift but alas I'm now on my days off.

I have the usual chores of cleaning but i have to clean my carpets don't you just hate having to do that, i so wish we had found a rental with wood flooring it would make my life easier, Ive stripped the covers of both settee's and they re being washed, we've run out of gas for the BBQ so hubby can go stand in that stupid queue in walmart to get a new one because I'm refusing to do that chore.

at least the weather is holding out in fact its quite pleasant right now.... i love a breezy sunny day it makes you feel so much happier and it makes my dogs sleepy and sometimes cranky ......see for yourselves !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Excited to say the least !

well its been a while since i last posted and that's because my stupid laptop decided it would over heat smell like rubber, spark and then set on fire....all of this whilst it was on my lap!!!!!!!!!!! so i hastily threw it across the room and hence its gone to laptop heaven...or hell ! so i have had to resort to using my hubby's laptop which he's none too pleased about....

We have the 'kids' joining us from the UK this Sunday...well i say kids they're 17 and almost 19 and its their first visit to Canada and the first time since last June that we have seen them.... EXCITED is an understatement, they're coming for three weeks and a friend of ours has let us stay in his villa with hot-tub and pool in whistler even better its dog friendly which is good for us, we have someone else lending us 4 body jackets and a 4 person canoe ...RESULT :) we are so thankful for having such good friends. the kids are excited its they're first time away from their mum, first long-haul flight and have an itinerary as long as a baseball pitch, were just praying that the weather stays nice.

this week i have also decided to become an independent consultant selling the Beauticontrol products which are just Divine, its so nice to treat yourself or someone else to a bit of luxury and have some nice body products- in fact i gave my husband his 1st ever manicure which he was amazed at the results :) being a drywaller he usually has ruff hands - but not anymore. so I'm getting excited at putting in my first order next week and i find out that the beautiful rocket girl uses the same products :).

apart from the organising to be done for when the kids arrive life has been has busy as ever at work, no rest for the wicked as they say, i have managed to find some me time at the lake last week with my new girly friends only to find i hadn't put enough sun lotion on and promptly burnt myself ! i was not happy...but I'm healing now :)

i have 2 more night shifts to work then I'm off until weds of next week and its gonna be such an exciting day on Sunday when we go to the airport, just hope the kids enjoy BC as much as we do !

bye for now

English Rose