Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Energy Lackluster

Well i still haven't found the spring to put into my step I've done nothing but lounge around since i finished work, face book seems to take over and its a bad distraction not to mention boring at times. I promised myself i would go back to the gym today after 2 years of absence ...did I? NO! I'm looking for a good excuse but alas cannot find one (wasn't for trying) anyway a girl cant go to the gym without appropriate foot attire! there an excuse...which will be addressed tomorrow.

I have become obsessed with checking the immigration website or my emails to see if a decision has been made on our permanent residency still says 'in process'' this is very annoying they started to process our pack on August 19th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the more there are no changes the more desperate i am becoming.

I went to the mail box today, the first time in a week- didn't find anything from the immigration people but got a wonderful surprise from family back home in the UK....... Christmas cards, Colman's casserole mixes and letters which was so nice, as usual i cried, hubby was asleep at the time so he doesn't know they have arrived, i haven't opened cards from his side of the family.... i thought i would let him do that. Depending on the Canadian postal service i'm hopeful family should receive theirs before Christmas.

So here are a few snaps of the contents:

 This card is from my in-law's it is so cute i love it, it has a very festive story inside its that long its like a it Tony and Sandra....its a keeper!

These are a few of the Colman's casserole mixes my mum sent us, you can get them in BC from the 'English' Store at $4 each!!! which I refuse to pay so its a bit of luxury when mum sends em over especially in winter, Walmart is the same franchise as Asda in the UK.

And these are the Christmas cards from my side of the family, the Rudolf one is what my mum sent to the 'pets' Molly our chocolate lab throws her head back when she howl's at you for attention, we all find it hilarious and of course Winni the pooh was perfect for me i love all the characters especially piglet! cute......thanks again family you are missed so much we both love you all, have a fab Christmas and new year from me n hubby (and the pets) .

Monday, December 13, 2010

feeling the strain

Its been one heck of a week at work, despite loving my job its impossible to provide nursing care without the man power yet it seems the same standards are expected well wake up because that isnt possible. After 5x12hr shifts im completely exhausted so much so i slept non-stop for 13hours waking up with a bladder the size of a camels hump!!!!!! do i feel any better....NO, im thinking im getting too old for this malarky.

so im on my days of *sigh* and i have a long list of wants and needs but dont yet have the energy to deal with any of them. just rest up says the hubby- that doesnt get the chores done!

its nearing christmas ...less than two weeks to go and i have no idea what to buy my hubby all i want is immigration to send that email for our passport requests....well i have been a very good girl maybe santa can arrange something.

bye for now have a good week everyone x

Monday, December 6, 2010

Feeling down today :(

today wasn't the best of days *sigh* i have resided myself to the fact that we will not be visiting family back in the UK anytime soon, its just too expensive what with the flights, the dog kennel fees etc etc, i spoke to mum using skype and it was a nice surprise that my brother was there too, so nice to hear their voices but its not the same as needing a hug!

I remember this empty feeling from last Christmas its just terrible, i know its gonna take alot to get through another festive season without seeing them even though Canada is where we feel we belong. To our new friends here in BC, i will be counting on you for diversional therapy !

On a happier note MR E.R bought me a bird feeder, its hung right outside the dining room window, i have always loved bird watching from being a little girl, so was my delight to see the most colourful woodpecker on my feeder today *grin* until i realised how much it could eat !!!!!! so i shall be going to the store tomorrow for a SACK of bird feed.

I also found my guest bed was under the mountain of ironing i had but alas its done, i even had time to make Christmas cards for my in-laws.

for the past few nights its been 'Movie' night in the E.R household... i can highly recommend Eclipse for those who have not seen it but i disliked the was just has been actors trying to look like they are as good as they use to be highly disappointed. Tonight's choice by Mr E.R is 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' which I've been waiting to watch, so on that note off i go to get ready for the movies :)

have a wonderful evening all

Mrs E.R x

Friday, December 3, 2010

Almost days off

Thank the lord or as my co-workers say 'sweet baby jesus' its been a very busy set of shifts and im longing to curl up in my bed - the next 4 hours can hurry along !

It wont be much of a sleep today too excited for the christmas party tonight :) and yes im wearing a dress !

hope you all have a wonderful day

E.R x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December where did you come from ?

Where has this year gone? it doesnt seem that a year ago me n hubby were preparing for our first christmas in canada ! and now here we are preparing for our second. Its been quite the year on the whole filled full of joy and happiness and lots to be thankful for, it has also been a very testing time in many ways and im hoping to put those behind us and move on.

I always find this time of year difficult especially in my profession where i see families lose their loved one's to illness, its also the anniversary of the loss of my dad who i miss terribly but i know he's up their having a blast!

The good part or maybe the bad depending on how you look at it is, the amount of treats that find themselves into the workplace and around my house. Considering there is only the two of us at home we do tend to over indulge and have way too much naughty things to eat, i will have to try not to do that this year but i cant promise anything....