Saturday, November 24, 2012


So glad the working week is finally over, its been totally stressful for everyone, with the increased acuity on the unit, patients coming and going so fast, emotions running high, two very emotional losses for the team that affected everyone for a number of days, and the the education for the 'chosen ones' for the purpose of the drug study. All in all it has been a testing week and the reality is cancer sucks!!!!!

On top of all of that myself and broke shopaholic had our cheques cashed so it means we are both committed to taking the Canadian Nurses Association exam in Hospice Palliative Care Nursing, so its head down and get studying for the exam in April 2013.

On the plus side I've had numerous accounts of good news- the process for my bestie and family to emigrate next year has started. I also recently won tickets for the Largest dog show in Canada and some abbotsford heat tickets... that will be a first! never been to a hockey match before.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the past years highlights

Well as i mentioned the other day its been 18months since I blogged, in that time my bestie and family visited Canada, my step-son tom was also here and it was wonderful for such a fun packed McGuinness reunion. Tom missed his girlfriend whilst he was here but had many late nights staying in touch with the lovely Charis through Skype. Koli thoroughly enjoyed her time with her cousin Tom, they did lots of things together. We were blessed with wonderful weather well until the week they had to return home, when it rained for a few days, after Tom went home my mum arrived for her annual visit, my wonderful husband waited on her hand and foot, she does get on with him so well...its a good job really.

Work has continued to be busy, the weeks fly by and with the job comes many patients and families that present new challenges and experiences for the wonderful team i work with. So many changes have happened at work in the day to day stuff, to lots of new staff, those more experienced are my saviour in supporting the new comers to there careers in palliative care nursing, its certainly not for the faint hearted. Ive been adjusting to the role of Patient Care Coordinator (head nurse) and there are days when i really wonder what on earth i was thinking when i applied for the job, the biggest loss is time away from the job, Mon-Friday is extremely hard on our unit, whilst i don't miss the 12hour shifts i do miss the 4-5days off, i know its a compromise but i miss not being able to chill out, meet up with my friends and have some me time instead I'm consumed by chores on my days off and just vegetate, is this really what i want from my job? Who knows!

Christmas 2011 flew bye and here we are approaching Christmas 2012!!!!!! I have done all my Christmas shopping, went to the postal service in the U.S today and sent everything off for family in the UK. Ive even bought my hubby his Xmas pressies, they are wrapped and this weekend I will be putting up our tree, its not the easiest tree to put up, should have thought of that when we purchased it. But i make it a fun occasion, Christmas music is usually playing and this year I'm skyping with Lindsay..aka my bestie and we`ll put our trees up together-totally looking forward to that. My nephew and I surprised my mum with a paid flight from the UK to Canada next year how funny it was to tell her that she was so happy, so she will be here next year for a month. Before she arrives Tom will be here with his girlfriend, its introduce my girlfriend to my dad`situation, we have lots planned and were really excited about meeting her...cant wait to meet you Charis.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

ive been away sooooooo long!!!!!

WOW has it really been 18months since I last blogged, how time flies by and i wish i could say I've been having fun all the time but alas that's not been the case. I will no doubt spend the next 18 months catching up on the last. My last entry back in June 2011 was a few days before the arrival of my Bestie, her hubby and my niece, that was such a long time ago. The 2 week vacation came and went so quickly i found myself at YVR departures in what felt like a blink of an eye, that was such a sad day BUT the fun filled days in between were a blast.

Here are a few photos.....

This is me and my best friend sat at our bar having a few spritzers I'm sure this was the day after they had arrived!!! It felt like we had never been apart, you know that feeling just pick up where you left off, it was great, my hubby is serving the drinks and generally doing a great job of keeping everyone happy

Me and my Bestie...Lindsay
Me and my Niece....Koli

This is Koli one of my nieces, some say she could pass as my daughter, id agree, she is a typical red head! so full of beans and really had a great time in Canada, she was truly the entertainment factor on the trip, took easily to scrap booking and had a great time.

 We all went for a few days to Whistler, my favourite place so far, our family was in awe of the scenery, the drive up there alone is breathtaking. We made the usual stops on the way, walmart for supplies and we took them to Brandy Wine Falls, Koli proved she has no fear of heights, they loved the waterfall and the walk down to the lake. Chris took many photos for his album, he has been studying photography at university in the UK so he was able to get some fantastic shots for his portfolio.

On our way into Whistler village we heard the train coming, off the guys go to get some shots and came back with these.... The Rocky Mountaineer!

The rocky Mountaineer

We went around the shops...well it would have been rude not to...Koli found this its one of the stores window displays, the picture doesn't do it justice, the whole Grizzly Bear Skeleton is stood up in the window, the look on her face at the size of it was so funny.