Sunday, May 29, 2011

Had to say no

Felt guilty for saying no to OT this evening, but i was having such a nice time in the garden with family that going to work at 19.15-23.15 just wasnt too appealing, despite the fact that doing some OT would have been handy. Im grateful to "R" who did go in today 'hugs' to you for that.


Doggy play time

Today was doggy play day, after returning from the vintage car show the dogs insisted on playing ball !! Molly was interested in her pink pig, she just loves that thing.
Here is Velvet with her ball's she just loves to play throw and catch.
Then it was time to have a short rest, she does love the red futon in the mancave, its the perfect background for posing

And here is Molly checking out the model of the hummer...wondering what its doing on the deck in her sleeping spot . It didnt take them both long with the heat of the sun to come inside and fall asleep.

Sunny Sunday Yeahhhhhhh :)

What a cram packed day this lovely Sunday was. We decided a week ago that we would go to the vintage car show at the Abbotsford Automall at Mt. Lehman. The sun was shining and there were alot of vintage car owners, sitting proudly by their vehicles and ohhhh there were some beauties, here are a few of my favs...

My favorite was the hummer, the art work on the inside was amazing, and the sub woofer made all your body shake. Of course the hubby wants one now !

From there the plan was to go buy some hanging baskets but i forgot the nursery was closed sundays so on the way home we stopped at the flea market - it was a complete waste of time, junk, junk and more junk.

But a wonderful morning was had by all .


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scrapbooked a page

Its been a while since i have made use of my new office/scrapbooking room, i just dont seem to be able to find the time, patience nor the inspiration these days. I promised myself an hour today no matter what, so after arranging my shelving with my Beauticontrol gift baskets...... which i think look pretty dont you?

I found my inspiration for this scrapbooking page from my four legged furry friends, they love to pose for the camera, they bring such joy to my life and at times my chocolate Lab actually thinks she's 'the boss'. 

The rest of the day was hectic as usually with cleaning, laundry blah, blah, blah. We are going to see the vintage car show tomorrow in Abbotsford, an opportunity for the boys to drool over the cars and hopefully we should return with some good photos, just hope the weather is nice!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mothers Day surprises

As we know it was mothers day in canada a few weeks ago, which happens to be about 7 weeks after mothers day in the UK. As the lad is here with us I celebrated mothers day in true fashion.....

 Cute flowers and a card appeared on the coffee table, then i was asked to take a seat at the dining room table....... as you can see in this pic my hubby and step-son tom are cooking mothers day brunch !

and the result was this .........


D. E. L. I. C. I. O. U. S !!!!!!!!!

Garden updates

Here is a few updates from my garden, to the left is my clematis better known as the 'Duchess of Edinburgh' im looking forward to more blooms.

Below is an update from my veggie patch, im pleased to see that my onions and potatoe's are growing nicely, im hoping to share some spoils with my visitor's and co-workers.

I have bought some beautiful bedding plants since i took these pics, im hoping the huge tap in the sky may stay turned off then i can get around to planting them. Can you tell i love my garden

Monday, May 23, 2011

'The Lad'

Well its been 6 weeks since my step-son joined us for his summer vacation, did i say he's here till sept!!!! mmm i sure i may have mentioned it to one or too people at work. He has been a joy to have around our new home, not only is he smart but oh my goodness he has a wicked sense of humour. Some how we have nick named him 'The Lad' .

There is never a dull moment since he arrived (there wasnt prior to his arrival) he's a chip of the old block as they say, just like his dad... leaves the toilet seat up, the empty toilet roll still on the holder, toothpaste around the sink bowl, dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is right there.....yeah same old same old just a younger version, so he was given a lesson in tidying up after didnt last long.

He has been quite good in other areas though, quite domesticated like his dad, cant cook as well but there is time, and he quite likes the lawn mower and strimmer ... here see ...

He's good at doing the straight lines down the grass, i have a problem getting them right. im hoping he's not scared of heights as you can see the conifers want trimming!

He went to work for three days last week with his papa, he slept for the following three days, clearly use to using his brain more than his brawn but he did good, he's getting use to driving the car more now, NO not my truck, his papa's car, he has an issue with speeding up whilst going around bends, im just glad im not in the car i dont travel well. Such fun and laughter he brings to our lives.....


Sunday, May 22, 2011


As I look back at my postings I realise a few things were missing, the biggest belated was to wish Kate and William a happy marriage, being a Brit I was most surprised to see I had forgotten such well wishes to the happy couple :

HRH Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge

 capturing more 'blooming lovelies' here are a few more from my garden:

Lillies and Poppies I love them ! The colours are so vibrant and pretty .

I have continued the flower theme at the front by planting two climbing roses, pictures to follow !

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend again

why why why does weekend go so quickly? and did i mention it always seems to rain on my days off.

I miss having 5 days off together, now i work five together and just get the two off, i don't have any me time how depressing, anyway i was determined not to spend Saturday in bed !

i was up with the lark, busy busy, off i went to the recycle bank and in returned got $10.20 for my 'empties' in the savings it went.

i treated myself to a caramel latte and chocolate chip muffin whilst waiting for Costco to open then got impatient and spent 2 hours in home sense, i just love that shop.

i bought some nice pics and a large mirror, yet more towels. I saw a couple of cute lamps may have to go back for them tomorrow :)

spent the afternoon preparing dinner and cleaning the man cave! enuf said.

hope its not raining tomorrow i have an urge to be gardening.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

wonderful day

Mothers day in canada was beautiful, i called MY mum in the UK we giggled like little children, updating her about the last few months comings and goings in mine and my hubbys lives and boy its been busy!

went to rolly lake with hubby, tom and the dogs although they were leashed all the way around as its camping season, but a wonderful morning.

Hubby bought me flowers and a card- which was from the dogs, himself and step-son for mothers day... such a nice surprise ! then he made a breakfast lunch in good english style, bacon, eggs, beans, sausage, mushrooms, toast, tomatoes, orange juice and coffee...... it took everything in me to eat it hahahahha.

spent the afternoon planting my climbing rose bushes on the front porch, then watched Mrs.Doubtfire...i just love that film.

ready to go to sleep now, back to the grind stone in the morning !

Hope you mums had a wonderful day today


Happy Mother's Day

This is me and my mum on my wedding day, she is the best mother i could have hoped for, my best friend, guide in life and my confident.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Brain Fart

New Job = Brain Fart today: i am so lucky to work with such awesome people who are so supportive, feel like i need a headectomy - is that a word? its just been one of those fridays. A little more self care is in order- message to self .

Nearly weekend and its mothers day, so to all you mums / step-mums out there...have a wonderful mothering sunday

kae xxxxxxxx

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Day Beauty's

I think this is a magnolia tree...please correct me if i'm wrong but its so pretty
on the beautiful hot sunny day we recently had when i prepared the veggie patch i thought i would share some lovelies from my garden......... so here they are ... i hope you like them ? 

this is molly with her pink pig

one of my clematis... i cant wait till it spreads itself through the tree

from home sense.....the words say it all
my flower bed of tulips, these were planted by the previous owners

Hope you have enjoyed my garden beauty's, i have lots more to share so stay tuned !

Almost weekend again and im hoping it wont be raining...... happy weekend everyone !

Kae x

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the gardening bug

Well after a wonderful lie in until 11.30 .. well i was up at 7 am doing the dog feeding and peeing/pooping at 7am! i decided to do some garden work, which started of with mowing the back lawn...this suddenly escalated into preparing the tortoises outdoor space... there i was with my gardening boots on, spade at the ready...started to dig...what is this i say to myself?

the whole space which was suppose to be lined with wire mesh then Doris and whistler cannot make the great escape, was already lined with mesh !!!!!! shriek with delight, the previous owners had a cute bunny which i had forgotten about...PERFECT! huge back breaking job saved, what now i thought..mmmm

'THE VEGGIE PATCH' and so here it is ....
waiting for the carrots, leaks and sweet onions to go in !