Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October is one of my fav months

I love this time of year ! gone are the very sweaty, not being able to sleep days replaced by pleasant days with beautiful autumn colours- better known here in Canada as 'Fall'. The crisp mornings and the warmth of the sun on your skin.....LOVE IT.

In the English Rose house hold it is the start of preparing the tortoises for hibernation, so Doris and Whistler are 1 week of 6 of starvation and the cooling of the temperatures in their 'house' so they graduall+y become slower and start to sleep, you see it takes 6 weeks for them to be 'poop free' sorry for the expression but they need to be cleared out or they can die. This will be my 2nd year of hibernating them and it makes me very nervous incase they dont wake up in a few months time.

My Mum has been on vacation almost 4 weeks now she goes back to the UK next friday :( there have been times when its been stressful, especially when she tries to take over the cooking !!!!!! but its going well and were looking forward to a weekend in Whistler. Its been nice to catch up on things too and just have her around, i have noticed that the dogs have put weight on though and mum swears 'im not giving them treats' ... yeah right !

Both hubby and I have been working very hard, when we do see each other its briefly or we cant be bothered to talk or were cranky so were looking forward to getting away. This last few weeks at 'the office' have been crazy busy and it shows with us all striving to do our best but often feeling you have achieved very little .Me n Step-Daughter have decided to make amends :) its taught us both alot about each other.

The last month has been a shopping fest which is fuelled by my mother... she is such a bad influence but it did result in me buying a new pair of black calf length sassy boots and yes i will put a pic of them on here, i dont normally buy black, i prefer brown but i love them and as you know if you dont love it dont buy it !

well thats my latest update i dont have time for anything else to tell you the office is calling ...........

bye for now :)