Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new job

well I'm on day 3 of my new job as patient care coordinator on the palliative unit that i worked as an RN, its ironic really because although i applied for 'interview experience' i was offered the job! i have to be honest i didn't really want to take it on due to personal reasons but as it turns out its going well, i know its very early days but at least i know the team and i like to think I'm not a 'bossy' boss... i will let my co-workers decide !

Its a temporary position until Christmas time whereby the previous post holder may well return so i am going to try to keep a ship shape unit and try my best to do the team proud, I'm so lucky in that it seems i have been accepted - if not encouraged by some to take the role by the short and curlies as they say in the UK, i just don't want to let the team down and hope to perform my duties well. Its very difficult not to poke my nose into the IC nurses role, i found myself today missing the hands on care etc, it was weird but i have no intentions of not being hands on where i can.

I'm on orientation for another two weeks, going back to Mon-Friday with no nights or weekends is very odd, i have meetings off site planned, meeting the other PCC's and preparing for the accreditation in the fall, which we have to pass ! much sooner we have 2 different fun things planned for nurses week but little time to pull it together ORGANISATION and TIME MANAGEMENT keep popping into my head- we will see how it goes...... update to follow


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hard work and fun DO mix!

I have had a wonderful Easter weekend with my hubby and Tom, we had perfect weather to start on the garden mini-makeover i say mini because it doesnt need much doing at it, the previous owners kept it looking quite neat and tidy.

Hubby had to work Good Friday and is working easter monday too...ohh the joys of being self employed having said that we got lots work at its best. It started with Tom removing the dreaded Ivy making my garden shed look ugly not to mention it wanted to make home Inside ! so it had to go :). there is a nice little flower bed at the side and i planted two hostas, a clematis called 'The duchess of Edinburgh' which  i thoought was fitting since it is the royal wedding next will have large white flowers on it when she blooms....its going to trail along my fencing and will look lovely i hope.

I planted two shrubs one in the middle of the same flower bed and another in the corner where my fencing meets next doors which happens to be the same spot that the dogs can see outside and bark at people passing bye... so im hoping to put a stop to that behaviour. During all this manual labour by me hubby was painting what we refered to as the 'ugly room' at the back of the house near the man-cave but i forgot to take before pictures- silly me ! after pics to follow soon, Tom mowed the lawns front and back and then pressure washed the siding on the house. I have one more clematis to plant at the front of the house, im hoping it will trail along the porch, this one has dark purple flowers, my dad's favourite so of course i had to have one in my canadian roses as yet though !

Today being easter sunday i got up early and sorted the pets out, the house was so quiet and so i decided to get back into bed at 8.00am, facebook my sis-in-law as it was her birthday and fell back to sleep..unbeknown to me hubby got up and off he went to walmart, woke me at 11.30 to tell me he had some plans to show me...shreeeeek !!! with delight he had bought the patio set we had been admiring, its brown wicker with red cushions, the chairs swivel... I LOVE IT ! how could i be mad at him for letting me sleep so long !

twas quite the easter in our house finished of with a movie, vino and easter eggs all round... such fun x

p.s pics to follow

Happy Easter !

Monday, April 18, 2011


The last month has seen me and hubby move house, yippeeeeeee the time finally came where were able to call a house a home and we are thrilled with our choice. Its the first time we have moved into a place that doesnt need to have much updating done, well that was what i thought!!!!! silly me hubby always finds something to play around with.

its been such an exhausting time, what with the move, cleaning the rental and then unpacking all of those boxes...and believe me there were many ! All of the manual work and stress has led to me being quite run down :(  'sighs' im feeling quite sorry for myself as i battle with a migraine that reared its ugly head late last night and my chest infection, urghhhh i hate not being able to perform ! so ive taken some of my remedies to help but not feeling better yet.

Tom (step-son) arrived from the UK 15 days ago, i think he gave me his germs ! he was sick with sinusitis and a chest infection for the first 5 days but he's better since i caught it from him :0 He likes the new house, its so nice to have family together and he is so funny. He's here till september so i plan on him doing the cooking and the housework then he doesnt get bored .

I spent the weekend clearing out the rubbish and recycling where i could and then put the final touches into my office where i have dedicated 1 wall to our wedding, its lovely and im proud of the results........... what do you think?

Thoughts !

At this time on this day today im thinking about you and your family and the impact you have had upon me and with that i can say R.I.P

When it comes to death and dying

There's a special gift you share

One that Angels all admire

One that goes beyond just care

It's a gift of deep commitment

One that eases pain and fear

And alleviates the sorrow

When the hour of death is near

Yet this gift is more than comfort

More than nursing at its best

For it cradles every patient

Right up till their last request

In this gift you give compassion

Wrapped in dignity and love

And in honor of your calling

There's a tribute found above

As a tribute to your Nursing

All the care that you bestow

High above this earthly planet

Hangs a Hospice Nurse Rainbow

And this rainbow graces Heaven

A reminder of your goals

"End-of-life-care" you excel at

It's your gift to human souls

To the soul of every patient

Every brother, Mom and Dad

Every household member present

Every heart that's feeling sad

To alleviate this sadness

That engulfs a grieving heart

Counseling and intervention

Set your Nursing skills apart

So within the skies of Heaven

Bows of silver dangle high

On a rainbow made of glory

That makes every Angel sigh

And upon each bow of silver

There appears a nurse's name

As an everlasting tribute

For the Heavens to proclaim.

by E.V. Stankowski RN

"Angel of Mercy Collection"