Wednesday, March 16, 2011

crazy times are around the corner with triple doses of stress

So i know...its been yet another month since i last blogged ! minutes, hours, days , weeks its all going way too quick for me and i cant seem to keep up the pace, if its not work thats so damn busy its my personal life and i know i shouldnt moan because everything seems to be going our way for once in almost 2 yrs.

As you know, we started house hunting , we saw another 5 or 6 properties and put an offer in, since that day 3 weeks ago, ive pretty much packed up the rental property were in, shopped my heart out for the new place and we move next weekend, im so excited its beyond words. We love the house, you could say its way big enough for the two of us, and the dogs but we do seem to have alot of visitors coming this year which were grateful for. I will post pics of the house once were settled in it, it has a whole floor dedicated to my hubby he calls it the 'man cave' it has a bar, media room, cute fireplace, sauna, yes i said sauna ! a full bathroom and a huge deck. So hubby has been exercising HIS interior design flare and these are what he bought from our fav store 'homesense' :

I love these very vivid orange Tommy Hilfigure towels, wont loose them in the closet !

Man-ly Orange Towels
Man-ly Lamps
 I love these lamps we got a pair, they are shiny pewter grey stems with a black and beige shade, very MAN-LY !

I like the picture below, i think my hubby has every intention of making the surround sound system this loud !
Love this pic, perfect above the Fireplace in the media room

Man-ly Cushions
These are his MAN-LY giraffe print black and pewter pillows, they only had a pair, need to get another pair if possible to go on the settee's hubby chose.

Im pleased with what we bought, all the other things are packed away so once im more organised i can show you a few more things.