Thursday, August 12, 2010

what a month its been

time has flown by this last month I've been so busy my feet haven't touched the ground!

you see my step-children Thomas aged 18 and Olivia aged 17 have been on vacation here in abbotsford with their dad and myself since the 18th of July and we have had a blast.

we did all the local things like going to Roley lake with the dogs but it was far too busy, we had a picnic in Stanley park, went into Vancouver and the pride parade was on- which was wonderful to see but i would say that the pride parade in Manchester in the UK is more risky than the Canadian one.

we went up mount baker and off course Olivia and I were in flip-flops in 2 meters of snow, my husband got vertigo going up in the car and we all got altitude sickness and headaches! but was worth the photos we got.

we spent the day in the states and returned another day to go to Seattle which i fell in love with.

Olivia made full use of the bathroom, hot water, sunbathing and face booking opportunities in between being miserable most of the time and Thomas was in awe with Canada, BC and all it has to offer, in fact he took 1450 photos on his vacation !!!!!!

they have been back in the UK a week now and the house seems empty, my husband and I have been in low mood despite them disagreeing all the know typical teenagers but we miss them both.

My hubby and I have struggled this week at work its been quite a shock, the humid weather doesn't help much either because i have trouble sleeping in the day when I'm on nights.

so we have a few more weeks to ourselves in the house then my mum arrives at the end of September for 5 weeks----YES 5 WEEKS! yikes i hear you say ... i am fortunate that hubby loves his mother-in-law very much and they get on very well.

I have also decided to become a BeautiControl Independent Consultant....oh what joy this has brought, i love their body products from exfoliating, cleaning , toning, moisturising, firming, and then there is their make-up products which are all mineral elements so natural products that just feel so nice on your skin and they don't clog up the pores. I received the new autumn brochure this week and the make-up colours are beauti-full!

I am looking forward to having some Spa days and of course will be calling on my new friends to be the host of a spa at their homes - inviting their friends to come along and experience some pampering and get to sample the products. This i am really looking forward to .

so i am sorry for being away for so long i do plan on posting some pictures from the vacation file ---soooo many to chose from.


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