Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Excitement mounts

I am becoming so excited its beyond words... I have 2 days left to work, followed by a stat holiday which means I get Friday off. It wont be a restful day it will be crazy busy getting the house ready for the following day

Saturday marks the start of my 2 week vacation, its also the day that Chris, Lindsay and Koli arrive from Bolton, UK its there first visit to Canada, first long-haul flight and our first reunion since we emigrated 2 yrs ago.

I completed the itinerary but cant post it on here because Lindsay would see it but its going to be a lot of driving, sight seeing, eating, drinking, laughter and moments to cherish, i really am about to burst with excitement

busy busy bee

WOW today was so busy at work, needy patients, too much to get done with too little time, the team pulled together as usual and i think by the time i was leaving it had settled down. It really bothers me that it can get so acute and my co-workers miss breaks because we step up to the mark and always put the patients first, but I'm conscious of the fact we all need to look after ourselves to be able to sustain the crazy times. I'm so grateful to the team on the shop floor, as the PCC i really do try to help out where i can. being forever mindful that my own jobs in the new role are mounting, but there is that inbuilt thing in me that feels the patients come first and paperwork etc has to take a back seat.

I was fit for nothing when i got home so i was so happy when hubby said, here babes put your feet up, dinner is almost ready ... i did as i was told :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My back is so painful this morning :(

Im blaming carrying them conifers yesterday, i didnt realise they were so heavy, what with the digging and planting too im in alot of pain today.

Moaning over - hubby has gone shopping to the 'man store' aka home depot, to see if they still have the bargain vanity unit for my ensuite washroom, i do hope they have i caNt wait to give it an overhaul before we get visitors. its the excuse i needed to clean my bedroom, its a pig sty!

lots to get done with so little time left, but not to worry THE SUN IS SHINING :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

green fingers

I'm going to one of my fav places this morning - Devan Nurseries near Mt Lehman, they have the cheapest items for any kind of garden, the hanging baskets are the best.

I need lots of bedding plants !
6 Heather plants or maybe some 'Box' instead to break it up at the front of the house.
2 hanging baskets are also required

the thing is i go with a list, ignore the list and then buy the wrong things, note to self 'stick to the list'

they have a cute petting zoo, popular with the little kids (and big kids when i take my mother) with bunnies, goats, phesants etc. they should have a coffee shop but i havent seen one, shame


I'm worried our visitors aren't coming, they have had constant problems with waiting for there house to be ready and now it wont be until weds, they are suppose to board the plane Saturday. With no confirmation that my BFF has received her passport I'm anxiously awaiting news that all is going to plan. After all my mum has new items to send over and I'm hoping they will bring some of them, selfish yes ! but items are items and they wont detract from the more pressing issue that after two years waiting my hubby gets to see his brother and sister-in-law and youngest niece and i cant wait for the reunion.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Off

Had a call from co-worker today after dealing with the necessities the conversation turned to Canada Day, well i didn't realise it is next Friday !

Which means as its a stat holiday I get the day off !!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT

It just happens to be the day before my relatives arrive for there 2 week vacation, which also means i will be spending the day cleaning the house !

brain dead part 2

Alas more training this time PSLS management, after a 40 minute drive to Langley followed by a two hour training session on managing reported incidents and another 40 minute drive to work my day flew by so quickly, i was brain dead. Had a meeting with my manager, numerous issues to address but nothing that cant be resolved.

Finally got the new fridge, lockers, plaque moved and paint touched up, one day the unit will be some what cosier.

Not a bad day, it could have been worse!

Womens Lib

The Eurythmics sang it well .......

Now, there was a time,
when they used to say,
that behind ev'ry great man,
there had to be a great woman.
But oh, in these times of change,
you know that it's no longer true.
So we're comin' out of the kitchen,
'cause there's something we forgot to say to you.
We say, Sisters are doin' it for themselves
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My hubby came home the other day and as usual i asked him how his days was, 'it was busy' after a while he said

I want a Blond!

my reply was, I'm a ginger, always have been and i don't suit blond

hubby says 'i was referring to the dogs'

you see we have two Labrador dogs, a black and a chocolate, hubby wants to get a golden lab then we can complete the set, something we have always wanted to do.

I must admit after the initial shock at his statement i roared laughing. How the heck am i suppose to walk 3 dogs? Fortunately for me the by-laws don't allow a 3rd dog...phew !

11 Days

Im getting more and more excited its 11 days to the arrival of our family, their first long-haul flight, first trip to Canada and its been 2 yrs in the waiting! We are the best of friends, with so many happy memories from years gone bye.

There are so many places we want to take them, my brother-in-law has a passion for photography, he's already completed a year at college, so coming here will give him lots of things to get 'snappy' about. We have a few surprises in store but just to have time with them and relax, catch up and laugh like the good old days is going to be so amazing.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Ode To Fathers


  • They know how to fire up the grill
  • You can always count on them to kill the spider
  • They gave the best piggy back/shoulder rides as a kid
  • He’s way easier to coerce into letting you eat icecream than Mom is.
  • He was the only one willing to teach you how to drive and risk his life.
  • You can count on him to share a beer with you.
  • He’s willing to spend hours teaching you how to throw the football correctly.
  • He’ll pay for lunch.
This morning i spent my time doing chores! hate the chores theyre so boring but necessary, they usually involve laundry, cleaning, the dish washer and my morning involved all three, i feel im forever cleaning up after other peoples mess!

Hubby painted both the bedrooms today in super fast time, one of them went from pink to a caramel colour, the other from an aqua to a fern green, both look way better than they did.
I told my hubby there were chores i wanted done before our visitors arrive on july 2nd, he rose to the challenge and i would say a third of them are done.

I got to play with the power washer today and after bleaching the upstairs deck i got to power wash it and i did a good job.

I even managed to make a fathers day card, tom was surprised i had such talents, i just giggled.

The afternoon was spent eating chicken tikka masala and naan bread, going through all my photos and then watched a movie - 8 mile with Eminem - hubbys choice not mine.

A happy fathers day all round i would say :)

Family Wall

Today I decided it had been long enough for my new photo frames to sit in the office propped against the wall, it was time to hang them in the hallway by our living room. I wanted a 'Family Wall' so all the frames are family focussed, such as son, sisters, diva (daughter) etc. Now I just have to decided which photos will go in them and get them printed in 4" x 6".

There is space to add to it if I please and thanks to hubby who helped me measure out the spaces, I think it turned out okay?

Father's Day

This is my dad on his wedding day, he was 19yrs old, the bride being 21. As you can see he loved the rock n roll era. Happy Father's Day dad, so wish you was here for me to share it with you. love you more than you know and miss you terribly.

Friday, June 17, 2011


had the weirdest day at work, Dr was in hilarious mood as were the staff, everything was going fine till that dirty word came out AUDIT blah blah blah. Head down and get on with it. The day was tolerable by having CRN PH working on the floor instead of his usual role, started rounds with toasted cinnamon loaf. Ended the day playing detective, taking praise and thanks and drinking tea, oh and I finished on time. Got home to hubby making chicken fajita for dinner, the laundry was done and sloppy kisses from the dogs.

So its an early night for us all as we have a busy weekend filled with various chores before our visitors arrive in 2 weeks.

night all oxoxo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its good to talk

For the first time in 12 years I had a heart to heart with Tom, all be it he was given one side of 'the story' he can take from the conversation what he likes. I know many of you reading this wont know what I'm referring to but I'm pleased we had a meaningful talk and was told things that until now have remained a secret to protect him. I'm so privileged to have such an understanding step-son, I'm so proud of him, more than words can ever express and i know how lucky we are that he stayed focused, to turn out how he has done.

Love you always !


Well the Stanley Cup didn't return home to Canada the Boston Bruins won, they deserved it and defended very well in my opinion so good luck for next year!

There was someone happy at work, that was our pharmacist, he took great pleasure in turning up at the desk with make-shift trophy in hand, the smile on his face (gloat) was huge, but it was all in good fun see below !

Its such a shame that the minority of trouble makers (fans) made a complete spectacle of themselves and rioted in down town Vancouver, looting, fighting, etc etc, it was embarrassing and even made the news back in the UK, i was disgusted.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I often see my friends blogs with proverbs on them, so i did a little searching and this one made me smile

I hope it makes you smile too

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
- Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Is regretting posting about LORD STANLEY!

For those following the Canucks and the Bruins will know by now that within 20 minutes we were losing 0-4, this is completely unacceptable. Did i get too excited too soon? YA THINK !

ohhh hang on its now 4-1, a slight glimmer of hope

come on Canucks ya can do it !!!!!!!!!!!

Hormonal Dogs

I have two labrador bitches who for the past 7 days have been on heat!

They are funny but quite annoying at the same time, the chocolate lab sulks, nests, moans, and is super protective of HER 'things' its quite funny to see her like that, she usually nests under my bed, her squeeky toys and worn socks are usually piled high.

The black lab is totally different, she behaves like a male dog ..if you know what i mean, i have to remind her she cant make babies, she goes off her food, she sleeps alot and is sooooo clingy with me its irritating

So yesterday husband decided to 'switch it up' and suggested we get a golden lab as well, thats fine i said but i cant walk 3 dogs at the same time! although it would be cute to have 1 of each colour, something we have wanted to do for a while, but i didnt say no, maybe after all the visitors have been this year.

So watch this space !

3 weeks

Our family arrive on july 2nd for a twoe week vacation, im so looking forward to seeing them, taking the whole 2 weeks off work for our vacation and showing them some of the delights of BC is going to be fab, were so ready for a vacation but something tells me it aint gonna be too relaxing!

Here are a few of the things planned:
  • Vancouver marina and stanley park- with a picnic
  • Mt Baker
  • 2 night stop over in whistler
  • Boating/fishing at the lakes
  • Hiking
  • BBQ's with nice wine and good music
If anyone has any suggestion for things to do/see feel free to let me know.

My BF aka sister-in-law hasnt got her new passport yet!!!! yeah she usually leaves things to the last minute but has alot on her mind right now with moving house and having the joys of 3 kids to organise, but i know she will be organised enough to ensure she is on that plane! Just dont forget my English goodies :)

Here's to family reunions

good day

Today is a good day because:

  • Dr B bought starbucks
  • It was an achieving day at the office
  • A few surprises were had- lots to get organised to go in the right direction
  • Lots of giggles were had
  • Finished work on time
  • Came home to dinner made by the hubby
  • The Canucks play... here's hoping for a win
  • The sun decided to shine :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two years!!!!!

Well it's two years today since we packed everything we own and sent it to Canada, boarded the plane at Manchester with the dogs and tortoises in cargo and a suitcase each. We came for my nursing job and it's been a tough two years with many ups and downs but we made it. Still not permanent residents yet but we believe good things come to those who wait. I cannot thank my hubby, family and friends for their support in our journey xxxx

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Porch Refurb

As usual I couldn't have a lie in this morning so after doing the usual chores of washing and laundry, I decided to give the front porch a much needed refurb....


I bleached the ceiling, siding, gutters and floor and then it was off to do a spot of shopping....the result was this :


I love the new chairs, Tom bought them as a house warming present from his first wage.... thanks Tom I look forward to sitting on the porch in the morning with a coffee.

The finishing touches were a pair of hanging baskets, I just love the burgundy viola's.

Hope you like the make-over


Friday, June 10, 2011

Lord Stanley

Lordy Lordy, I learnt today from my friend wikipedia that the Stanley Cup is so named after Lord Stanley of Preston, Lancashire, England ! How ironic that im a Lancashire lass from Bolton in the UK who has started to take an interest in the hockey this year, well ive been told 'you are a Canuck' .

what a fine English Gentleman lord Stanley was dont you think?

curtisy of wilkipedia

and here is a pic of the original stanley cup made from Silver, in Sheffield in the UK

So tonight was game night and YES..WE WON !!! shriekkkkk

3-2 to the Canucks



I survived the study day.....with coffee, coffee and more coffee. It was good to have a refresher on HPC, communication and symptom management, i came away feeling positive about my skills and knowledge, but it was a long day. I have much of the same in a few weeks and all of this is because i have to do it for a job that's temporary, but I will do what i have to do because you just never know where it may lead you or whats around the corner.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have a study day tomorrow the focus is palliative care, I know its important to keep upto date but im not looking forward to sitting in a classroom for 8 hrs. Id rather be doing more fun things. But alas i will put my big girl pants on and suck it up.

Thats if i ever get to sleep and wake up refreshed..... heres hoping so



Well its been one of those weeks!

The heat prevents me from thinking straight, im not old enough for the menopause but my god ive been having temp fluctuations, its not fun.

The heat with tempers flaring in the canucks game was for all to see, i know we are a sporting nation but its not cool to behave like that.

Its been a week since my dogs both came on heat, i keep promising myself NEVER AGAIN.... but then i look how adorable they are and i cant bring myself to get them 'done'.

My husband has issues with heat ... he had the heating cranked up tonight while im melting .. now its too hot to sleep. ENUF SAID!

night world x

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the most fun!

It was my hubbys birthday yesterday, we went white water rafting ! We were fed breakfast at Chilliwack River Rafting which is on Chilliwack Lake Road, BC. The staff were nice and welcoming.

so after the pancakes and coffee the fun began trying to get into our wet suits- ive not laughed that hard in a long time, the clothing we were given hadnt dried from the previous day and had a distinct smell of sweat mixed with mold :(  ohh the joys. We boarded the yellow bus with a few other people and the drive was a long one to the river bank to launch

The safety drill was not fun it proved the dangers ahead and then it was off we go lets see who can fall before getting in the raft, disappointingly no one did he he he.

I cannot begin to explain the fun we had - I laughed the whole 14 kilometers and i had a korean child behind me who cried all the way down and almost got hypothermia !!!

Hubby listening to the safety drill
Before we set off

On Entry

We did a second run through the area which was the worst, the korean family didnt come with us, I sat at the back to give the guys more room and OMG I had to hang on for dear life! I nearly came out the back of the raft.
On Exit

We survived... high 5 team !

Are all three of us sore this morning?

YOU BET WE ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a day

Work was as interesting as ever, what with the comings and goings on the unit, the staffing changed so much I became dizzy keeping track, but my co-workers (RK, DG, MD, PH, K) were awesome and Dr B you was so entertaining we are so happy to have you but please can things settle quickly.

Enuf said


June it is :)

Well we have entered the 6th month of 2011 ALREADY! whilst im pleased about this for many reasons I just cant help wondering where January to the end of May have gone?

Like my fellow bloggers, June seems to be popular, it signifies new growth and a sense of warmth and happiness to me, the summer blooms are starting to grow in my garden, there is that humid storm like presence in the air and people seem to have shook of the winter blues.

Its my hubby's birthday this saturday, we have a few things planned for the weekend. Then its fathers day in Canada and the UK and then at the end of june its my brother-in-laws birthday. June also means its 4 weeks till our family arrives for vacation and i cant wait.

Till then my life remains hectic, exhausting, but fun at the same time.

OHHHH YEAH and its the time for the Canucks to bring home the Stanley Cup !!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Had to say no

Felt guilty for saying no to OT this evening, but i was having such a nice time in the garden with family that going to work at 19.15-23.15 just wasnt too appealing, despite the fact that doing some OT would have been handy. Im grateful to "R" who did go in today 'hugs' to you for that.


Doggy play time

Today was doggy play day, after returning from the vintage car show the dogs insisted on playing ball !! Molly was interested in her pink pig, she just loves that thing.
Here is Velvet with her ball's she just loves to play throw and catch.
Then it was time to have a short rest, she does love the red futon in the mancave, its the perfect background for posing

And here is Molly checking out the model of the hummer...wondering what its doing on the deck in her sleeping spot . It didnt take them both long with the heat of the sun to come inside and fall asleep.

Sunny Sunday Yeahhhhhhh :)

What a cram packed day this lovely Sunday was. We decided a week ago that we would go to the vintage car show at the Abbotsford Automall at Mt. Lehman. The sun was shining and there were alot of vintage car owners, sitting proudly by their vehicles and ohhhh there were some beauties, here are a few of my favs...

My favorite was the hummer, the art work on the inside was amazing, and the sub woofer made all your body shake. Of course the hubby wants one now !

From there the plan was to go buy some hanging baskets but i forgot the nursery was closed sundays so on the way home we stopped at the flea market - it was a complete waste of time, junk, junk and more junk.

But a wonderful morning was had by all .


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scrapbooked a page

Its been a while since i have made use of my new office/scrapbooking room, i just dont seem to be able to find the time, patience nor the inspiration these days. I promised myself an hour today no matter what, so after arranging my shelving with my Beauticontrol gift baskets...... which i think look pretty dont you?

I found my inspiration for this scrapbooking page from my four legged furry friends, they love to pose for the camera, they bring such joy to my life and at times my chocolate Lab actually thinks she's 'the boss'. 

The rest of the day was hectic as usually with cleaning, laundry blah, blah, blah. We are going to see the vintage car show tomorrow in Abbotsford, an opportunity for the boys to drool over the cars and hopefully we should return with some good photos, just hope the weather is nice!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mothers Day surprises

As we know it was mothers day in canada a few weeks ago, which happens to be about 7 weeks after mothers day in the UK. As the lad is here with us I celebrated mothers day in true fashion.....

 Cute flowers and a card appeared on the coffee table, then i was asked to take a seat at the dining room table....... as you can see in this pic my hubby and step-son tom are cooking mothers day brunch !

and the result was this .........


D. E. L. I. C. I. O. U. S !!!!!!!!!

Garden updates

Here is a few updates from my garden, to the left is my clematis better known as the 'Duchess of Edinburgh' im looking forward to more blooms.

Below is an update from my veggie patch, im pleased to see that my onions and potatoe's are growing nicely, im hoping to share some spoils with my visitor's and co-workers.

I have bought some beautiful bedding plants since i took these pics, im hoping the huge tap in the sky may stay turned off then i can get around to planting them. Can you tell i love my garden

Monday, May 23, 2011

'The Lad'

Well its been 6 weeks since my step-son joined us for his summer vacation, did i say he's here till sept!!!! mmm i sure i may have mentioned it to one or too people at work. He has been a joy to have around our new home, not only is he smart but oh my goodness he has a wicked sense of humour. Some how we have nick named him 'The Lad' .

There is never a dull moment since he arrived (there wasnt prior to his arrival) he's a chip of the old block as they say, just like his dad... leaves the toilet seat up, the empty toilet roll still on the holder, toothpaste around the sink bowl, dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is right there.....yeah same old same old just a younger version, so he was given a lesson in tidying up after onesself...it didnt last long.

He has been quite good in other areas though, quite domesticated like his dad, cant cook as well but there is time, and he quite likes the lawn mower and strimmer ... here see ...

He's good at doing the straight lines down the grass, i have a problem getting them right. im hoping he's not scared of heights as you can see the conifers want trimming!

He went to work for three days last week with his papa, he slept for the following three days, clearly use to using his brain more than his brawn but he did good, he's getting use to driving the car more now, NO not my truck, his papa's car, he has an issue with speeding up whilst going around bends, im just glad im not in the car i dont travel well. Such fun and laughter he brings to our lives.....


Sunday, May 22, 2011


As I look back at my postings I realise a few things were missing, the biggest belated was to wish Kate and William a happy marriage, being a Brit I was most surprised to see I had forgotten such well wishes to the happy couple :

HRH Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge

 capturing more 'blooming lovelies' here are a few more from my garden:

Lillies and Poppies I love them ! The colours are so vibrant and pretty .

I have continued the flower theme at the front by planting two climbing roses, pictures to follow !

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend again

why why why does weekend go so quickly? and did i mention it always seems to rain on my days off.

I miss having 5 days off together, now i work five together and just get the two off, i don't have any me time how depressing, anyway i was determined not to spend Saturday in bed !

i was up with the lark, busy busy, off i went to the recycle bank and in returned got $10.20 for my 'empties' in the savings it went.

i treated myself to a caramel latte and chocolate chip muffin whilst waiting for Costco to open then got impatient and spent 2 hours in home sense, i just love that shop.

i bought some nice pics and a large mirror, yet more towels. I saw a couple of cute lamps may have to go back for them tomorrow :)

spent the afternoon preparing dinner and cleaning the man cave! enuf said.

hope its not raining tomorrow i have an urge to be gardening.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

wonderful day

Mothers day in canada was beautiful, i called MY mum in the UK we giggled like little children, updating her about the last few months comings and goings in mine and my hubbys lives and boy its been busy!

went to rolly lake with hubby, tom and the dogs although they were leashed all the way around as its camping season, but a wonderful morning.

Hubby bought me flowers and a card- which was from the dogs, himself and step-son for mothers day... such a nice surprise ! then he made a breakfast lunch in good english style, bacon, eggs, beans, sausage, mushrooms, toast, tomatoes, orange juice and coffee...... it took everything in me to eat it hahahahha.

spent the afternoon planting my climbing rose bushes on the front porch, then watched Mrs.Doubtfire...i just love that film.

ready to go to sleep now, back to the grind stone in the morning !

Hope you mums had a wonderful day today


Happy Mother's Day

This is me and my mum on my wedding day, she is the best mother i could have hoped for, my best friend, guide in life and my confident.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Brain Fart

New Job = Brain Fart today: i am so lucky to work with such awesome people who are so supportive, feel like i need a headectomy - is that a word? its just been one of those fridays. A little more self care is in order- message to self .

Nearly weekend and its mothers day, so to all you mums / step-mums out there...have a wonderful mothering sunday

kae xxxxxxxx

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Day Beauty's

I think this is a magnolia tree...please correct me if i'm wrong but its so pretty
on the beautiful hot sunny day we recently had when i prepared the veggie patch i thought i would share some lovelies from my garden......... so here they are ... i hope you like them ? 

this is molly with her pink pig

one of my clematis... i cant wait till it spreads itself through the tree

from home sense.....the words say it all
my flower bed of tulips, these were planted by the previous owners

Hope you have enjoyed my garden beauty's, i have lots more to share so stay tuned !

Almost weekend again and im hoping it wont be raining...... happy weekend everyone !

Kae x

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the gardening bug

Well after a wonderful lie in until 11.30 .. well i was up at 7 am doing the dog feeding and peeing/pooping at 7am! i decided to do some garden work, which started of with mowing the back lawn...this suddenly escalated into preparing the tortoises outdoor space... there i was with my gardening boots on, spade at the ready...started to dig...what is this i say to myself?

the whole space which was suppose to be lined with wire mesh then Doris and whistler cannot make the great escape, was already lined with mesh !!!!!! shriek with delight, the previous owners had a cute bunny which i had forgotten about...PERFECT! huge back breaking job saved, what now i thought..mmmm

'THE VEGGIE PATCH' and so here it is ....
waiting for the carrots, leaks and sweet onions to go in !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new job

well I'm on day 3 of my new job as patient care coordinator on the palliative unit that i worked as an RN, its ironic really because although i applied for 'interview experience' i was offered the job! i have to be honest i didn't really want to take it on due to personal reasons but as it turns out its going well, i know its very early days but at least i know the team and i like to think I'm not a 'bossy' boss... i will let my co-workers decide !

Its a temporary position until Christmas time whereby the previous post holder may well return so i am going to try to keep a ship shape unit and try my best to do the team proud, I'm so lucky in that it seems i have been accepted - if not encouraged by some to take the role by the short and curlies as they say in the UK, i just don't want to let the team down and hope to perform my duties well. Its very difficult not to poke my nose into the IC nurses role, i found myself today missing the hands on care etc, it was weird but i have no intentions of not being hands on where i can.

I'm on orientation for another two weeks, going back to Mon-Friday with no nights or weekends is very odd, i have meetings off site planned, meeting the other PCC's and preparing for the accreditation in the fall, which we have to pass ! much sooner we have 2 different fun things planned for nurses week but little time to pull it together ORGANISATION and TIME MANAGEMENT keep popping into my head- we will see how it goes...... update to follow


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hard work and fun DO mix!

I have had a wonderful Easter weekend with my hubby and Tom, we had perfect weather to start on the garden mini-makeover i say mini because it doesnt need much doing at it, the previous owners kept it looking quite neat and tidy.

Hubby had to work Good Friday and is working easter monday too...ohh the joys of being self employed having said that we got lots done...team work at its best. It started with Tom removing the dreaded Ivy making my garden shed look ugly not to mention it wanted to make home Inside ! so it had to go :). there is a nice little flower bed at the side and i planted two hostas, a clematis called 'The duchess of Edinburgh' which  i thoought was fitting since it is the royal wedding next weekend...it will have large white flowers on it when she blooms....its going to trail along my fencing and will look lovely i hope.

I planted two shrubs one in the middle of the same flower bed and another in the corner where my fencing meets next doors which happens to be the same spot that the dogs can see outside and bark at people passing bye... so im hoping to put a stop to that behaviour. During all this manual labour by me hubby was painting what we refered to as the 'ugly room' at the back of the house near the man-cave but i forgot to take before pictures- silly me ! after pics to follow soon, Tom mowed the lawns front and back and then pressure washed the siding on the house. I have one more clematis to plant at the front of the house, im hoping it will trail along the porch, this one has dark purple flowers, my dad's favourite so of course i had to have one in my canadian garden...no roses as yet though !

Today being easter sunday i got up early and sorted the pets out, the house was so quiet and so i decided to get back into bed at 8.00am, facebook my sis-in-law as it was her birthday and fell back to sleep..unbeknown to me hubby got up and off he went to walmart, woke me at 11.30 to tell me he had some plans to show me...shreeeeek !!! with delight he had bought the patio set we had been admiring, its brown wicker with red cushions, the chairs swivel... I LOVE IT ! how could i be mad at him for letting me sleep so long !

twas quite the easter in our house finished of with a movie, vino and easter eggs all round... such fun x

p.s pics to follow

Happy Easter !

Monday, April 18, 2011


The last month has seen me and hubby move house, yippeeeeeee the time finally came where were able to call a house a home and we are thrilled with our choice. Its the first time we have moved into a place that doesnt need to have much updating done, well that was what i thought!!!!! silly me hubby always finds something to play around with.

its been such an exhausting time, what with the move, cleaning the rental and then unpacking all of those boxes...and believe me there were many ! All of the manual work and stress has led to me being quite run down :(  'sighs' im feeling quite sorry for myself as i battle with a migraine that reared its ugly head late last night and my chest infection, urghhhh i hate not being able to perform ! so ive taken some of my remedies to help but not feeling better yet.

Tom (step-son) arrived from the UK 15 days ago, i think he gave me his germs ! he was sick with sinusitis and a chest infection for the first 5 days but he's better since i caught it from him :0 He likes the new house, its so nice to have family together and he is so funny. He's here till september so i plan on him doing the cooking and the housework then he doesnt get bored .

I spent the weekend clearing out the rubbish and recycling where i could and then put the final touches into my office where i have dedicated 1 wall to our wedding, its lovely and im proud of the results........... what do you think?

Thoughts !

At this time on this day today im thinking about you and your family and the impact you have had upon me and with that i can say R.I.P

When it comes to death and dying

There's a special gift you share

One that Angels all admire

One that goes beyond just care

It's a gift of deep commitment

One that eases pain and fear

And alleviates the sorrow

When the hour of death is near

Yet this gift is more than comfort

More than nursing at its best

For it cradles every patient

Right up till their last request

In this gift you give compassion

Wrapped in dignity and love

And in honor of your calling

There's a tribute found above

As a tribute to your Nursing

All the care that you bestow

High above this earthly planet

Hangs a Hospice Nurse Rainbow

And this rainbow graces Heaven

A reminder of your goals

"End-of-life-care" you excel at

It's your gift to human souls

To the soul of every patient

Every brother, Mom and Dad

Every household member present

Every heart that's feeling sad

To alleviate this sadness

That engulfs a grieving heart

Counseling and intervention

Set your Nursing skills apart

So within the skies of Heaven

Bows of silver dangle high

On a rainbow made of glory

That makes every Angel sigh

And upon each bow of silver

There appears a nurse's name

As an everlasting tribute

For the Heavens to proclaim.

by E.V. Stankowski RN

"Angel of Mercy Collection"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

crazy times are around the corner with triple doses of stress

So i know...its been yet another month since i last blogged ! minutes, hours, days , weeks its all going way too quick for me and i cant seem to keep up the pace, if its not work thats so damn busy its my personal life and i know i shouldnt moan because everything seems to be going our way for once in almost 2 yrs.

As you know, we started house hunting , we saw another 5 or 6 properties and put an offer in, since that day 3 weeks ago, ive pretty much packed up the rental property were in, shopped my heart out for the new place and we move next weekend, im so excited its beyond words. We love the house, you could say its way big enough for the two of us, and the dogs but we do seem to have alot of visitors coming this year which were grateful for. I will post pics of the house once were settled in it, it has a whole floor dedicated to my hubby he calls it the 'man cave' it has a bar, media room, cute fireplace, sauna, yes i said sauna ! a full bathroom and a huge deck. So hubby has been exercising HIS interior design flare and these are what he bought from our fav store 'homesense' :

I love these very vivid orange Tommy Hilfigure towels, wont loose them in the closet !

Man-ly Orange Towels
Man-ly Lamps
 I love these lamps we got a pair, they are shiny pewter grey stems with a black and beige shade, very MAN-LY !

I like the picture below, i think my hubby has every intention of making the surround sound system this loud !
Love this pic, perfect above the Fireplace in the media room

Man-ly Cushions
These are his MAN-LY giraffe print black and pewter pillows, they only had a pair, need to get another pair if possible to go on the settee's hubby chose.

Im pleased with what we bought, all the other things are packed away so once im more organised i can show you a few more things.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

So i was reminded by my co-worker whilst on night shift last night that its been 2 months since i updated my blog, so just for you RK and because BS asked so nicely here we go.............

Work has been as crazy as ever but i still love my job and always will, nursing is so rewarding (most of the time) and I'm proud to work with amazing people.

Christmas, New year and January flew buy ! I have no idea what I've been doing this last few months but it must have been something, ohhh yes that's it my new hobby ... scrap booking which I'm enjoying, I've almost finished the one of my step-children and about to move onto the vacation one of me and hubby in Greece.

we finally got around to booking flights for my brother and sister in law and their youngest daughter, they visit for 2 weeks in July and were super excited, she is my BFF!!!!!!! My mum is returning in August for 3 weeks, I miss her so much.

We are still no closer to hearing about our permanent residency but we did get mortgage approval last week, shreeeeek - we have to have signed the deal by march 18th or the mortgage duration drops, SO PRESSURE, you better believe it ! but its exciting, we cant wait to go looking in fact we have seen 1 property which we liked, woodland setting and we go looking at another 5 tomorrow.

Apart from all of that life in Canada is still as good as it was 18 months ago- if not better

bye for now oxo