Saturday, September 18, 2010

Emotional :) or :(

Well another month has gone by since my last posting, where has the time gone?
Lots has happened in the English Rose household some good some not so good, myself and step-daughter ended up having a row the other week which resulted us deciding not to contact each other, you see we chat through facebook, so have blocked her and her mum, yes you guessed it, it was quite the argument, but i was taught honesty is the best policy and it hurts to hear the truth but life goes on ! ya gotta pull ya big girl pants up and move forward. So that's what i have done.

I have decided to join the gym at work and there are some good classes included in the very cheap membership such as yoga, Pilate's, kick boxing and 'Zumba' which I'm very excited about- its like an aerobics class to Latin American music....cant wait to try that out, so its my first ever yoga class this coming Monday.

On a more positive note as some of you are aware Mr English Rose and myself have been in Canada for 14 months and have been waiting to progress through the immigration process for our permanent residency well we finally got our medical requests 3 days ago so we have our medicals booked for next Tuesday, to get that large white envelope was like an early Christmas present and we have been on cloud nine ever since. So its going to be quite the week next week with fitness classes, medicals, and then my mum arrives from the UK next Saturday for 5 weeks ! its a good job my hubby get on well with his mother-in-law *chuckling to myself*

five weeks is a long time but its been a year since i had a cuddle from my mum...oh i love her and miss her so much so i have to plan what we are going to do, unfortunately i don't have any vacation time so its Canadian TV all the way mother :)

time at the office has been relatively good lately and i love my co-workers they are so supportive and provide lots of laughter, its a happy place most of the time but i enjoy my days of and they're filled by Beauticontrol deliveries and products, spa invites, make-up, lotions and perfumes that smell like chocolate or brown sugar yummmmmyyyyyyyyyy .

well i have to get back to work now... see ya all soon