Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alas my first two hand made christmas cards

I was determined to set some time aside to attempt to make some Christmas cards today, so using my 'Cricut' machine and the 'Christmas Cheer' cartridge I set to work.........

The Results :

This One is for my wonderful mother who I love dearly

This one is for my brother and his girlfriend
It took me a few hours to make just too as I'm new to this whole thing of card making and scrap booking... a novice as you may say but I'm pleased with the results, had alot of fun and just hope the family back home like them.

After the fun had finished it was back to the chores of ironing my scrubs for work tomorrow, i work the day shift, maybe with brokeshopaholic i think :) and will be wishing my 4 shifts to be as pleasant as possible for come Friday its my works Christmas party, I'm taking Mr English Rose and secretly i think he's a little nervous about meeting everyone *giggle* but i know he will take it in his stride as he always does.

Please feel free to comment on my efforts today

Bye for now x

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dec the halls !

So its that time of year again...yeah you got it when the snow falls and people either dont care about the risks of winter driving or they drive like they do if they were walking in it !  I have to say my experience of some canadian drivers leaves me steaming at the ears and thats during the summer, let alone in the winter time, not care in the world for their own safety let alone anyone elses, it drives me insane - pardon the pun ! you only have yourself to blame so if your behind me when im driving you'll notice i go S.L.O.W.L.Y not to annoy you to ensure I'M safe as i hate driving in the winter, us UK folk are not accustomed to driving in such conditions and ohhhhh was a pleased to be on days off when the snow fell. That day was 'pyjama day' in the Ehglish Rose household :) total Bliss ........... BUT i did have some play time as you can see :

And so after a little fun with the girls and the pretty surroundings it was back in doors to tackle the worst job for me yeah you got it ....... PUTTING UP THE TREE !

think i did a good job though ... whatta ya think?

Even Molly and Velvet wanted to join in the festive fun !
And we have light !

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November to remember !


Hi Guy's,

Well its been quite the month in the English Rose household most of which has not been in a good way I'm sorry to report. To start with we have been struggling with 1 laptop which has been over heating and last week it finally gave up the fight and off to computer heaven it went, our other laptop went to see if it could be fixed, i wasn't expecting much after all, flames were seen coming outta the back ! and you guessed it the mother board got 'fried'. how upset i was to go a week without the WWW at my fingertips.

My husbands truck broke down in Abbotsford last week, he had to get towed home and we don't have breakdown coverage, my truck decided she would do the same 2 days after my husbands mine was easy to fix a little hole in the pipe preventing her from running properly, alas they are both back on the road again for how long ? who knows !

The laptop situation has now been resolved as I'm typing this with my new one, getting use to the US keyboard is a bit weird the @ button is in a different place compared to my poorly UK laptop but i like the new one, as long as i can facebook, contact family in the UK then I'm happy.

Its also been very stressful at the office despite loving my job as an RN, the last few weeks have really made me think about my career, its been such a challenge coming to nurse in Canada and I'm so grateful for such wonderful co-workers who i admire so much, who support my learning, who show such compassion despite our difficulties but i remain proud to be part of such a team. I'm thinking it could be time for some changes in the near future and have to get organised!!

On a lighter note there have been some good times in the last month, i had a fab time with mum being here, i thought the five week visit would feel like a 'bit too much' if you hear what I'm saying but it wasn't that bad, we had a wonderful time, we enjoyed our 3 days in Whistler despite it raining all the time, we shopped - well that's what women do right ? and off course sampled the local beers on offer, husband did the cooking and i did the dog walking at ridiculous o'clock but a good time was had by all.

the final week with mum was nice and relaxed, we watched movies: Marley & Me, The Proposal and a few other tear jerkers and the rest of the week was spent having lunches in Clayburn Tea-Shop a little bit of home-from-home for us both and of course the food is just as good. It was emotional to see mum at the airport to go home, knowing we wont be there for her 70th Birthday on Jan 2nd is hard but god willing she will be back here trying to take over my kitchen again!

The last few days for me and hubby has been trying to cope in the ridiculous weather, OMG were not use to such cold in fact the coldest its been in the UK is -7. Its shocking, I'm paranoid in case the tortoises freeze to death now they're hibernating, the dogs aren't happy and its an excuse to stay snuggled in bed under the winter blankets :). Hubby and I are waiting to hear about our passport requests then we can have our permanent residency which has been 3 yrs in the waiting were excited but nervous too, it will change so much for us both to have the security of staying in this beautiful country. we cant wait to buy a house and truly settle down. In the meantime its back to work, keep everything crossed and hope Santa brings some Christmas cheer to the English Rose household x

Bye for now

Ms English Rose x