Thursday, December 20, 2012


Im getting so excited!!!!

Less than 24 hours away from vacation, so ready for that and need it as my last vacay was july, thats such a long time ago.

My cooker still isnt fixed so im not sure if were going to be having christmas dinner at home or not, it still amazes me the kindness offered from friends that they would offer 2 extra places at there table, we have truly great friends here in BC and thankyou for your kindness. I keep nagging the hubby to try to get the coils fixed after the oven blew up, we replaced the main board it works but the coils dont so no grill and no oven. Im desperate for them to work as ive decided to take up baking again, I did cookery at school in fact i chose it as a GCSE option, though hubby is a better cook than I.

Ive been treating myself to a few baking items and im hoping santa will bring a Kitchenaid power mixer! a nice red, chrome or black one will look lovely in my kitchen. I guess i will have to see how much of a good girl i have been this year.

There are a few of my co-workers on vacation over the holiday season, im going to miss them all and you know who you are!

Merry Christmas everyone! oxox

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